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Steampunk Bags

Steampunk rock expressing youthful rebellion and characterized by distinctive styles of clothing and adornment (ranging from deliberately offensive T-shirts, leather jackets, spike bands and other studded or spiked jewelry to bondage and S&M clothes) and a variety of anti-authoritarian ideologies.
Steampunk Bag is distinctive styles of  adornment.

Lastest Reviews

  • By Bagsher shopper 2019-01-07
    The product arrived in a timely manner without any issue. It was as pictured and of good quality. The leather did smell from being in a warehouse but nothing a few days of airing out would not cure. I received many compliments on my Steampunk costume. Overall, I was pleased with this purchase and would buy again. see more
  • By B-W 2019-01-07
    I love it! The bag is great quality for the price. I honestly wasn’t expecting it to be thick material. All the buttons and zippers function well and don’t get jammed or stuck. It was a tad confusing to figure out at first honestly. Maybe I’m just slow. Haha! But be patient she wrapping everything around you. Also, I’m on the thick side. 45 in hips and my thighs are thick as well. Everything fits perfectly around me. It doesn’t droop or slide down. I’ve gotten several compliments on this as well. I highly reccomend to anyone tired of carrying a bag around their shoulders! see more
  • By Andrea Short 2019-01-07
    I'm pretty excited to use this. I love the way it looks. The waist strap I thought was too long but I took a gander at the picture and have deduced how to tighten it. I've a couple of comic cons coming up and an acquaintance of mine had a similar bag that worked perfect. see more
  • By Bagsher shopper 2019-01-07
    The bag itself is a bit bigger than you'd expect. Although it's supposed to bend around the hip, there doesn't seem o be much flexibility or natural curve in that area, which is supposed to prevent any wrinkles in the material that may wear it down. The long straps fit well. However, if you're a plus sized person the strap around the thigh may become a problem as it is smaller than you may expect. I've tried wearing it solely around the hips and thigh; it wasn't actually comfortable. If you buy this, I recommend wearing the strap diagonally across the torso and the thigh strap, as it's much nicer. The thigh strap may sometimes fall down your leg if you move from sitting to standing, so the other strap is useful to keep it in place. Also, if you have long hair, the rings on the long strap may get caught and tangle in it. Just a heads up as it can be painful. To make up for it, this bag is very secure. If you have the thigh strap on, it may be difficult to take off your person. The front pocket (where the chain secures) cannot be opened unless the chain is removed, which is doubtful to happen without you noticing. That pocket is about the perfect size for your phone to fit, so if you have a case that doubles as a wallet, you're good to go! see more
  • By Bagsher shopper 2019-01-07
    GAME CHANGER!!!!! I bought this for when I go to events that I don't want my huge purse with me. I had a small shoulder bag I would bring but when going to rock concerts and the like it is very obnoxious to have a loose bag bouncing around when you're trying to have fun. I haven't worn this to a concert yet but I did wear it to a convention. If you haven't been to a convention, it means being on your feet all day, milling around through huge troves of people and occasionally needing to grab money out to buy things. I had concerns that this bag would start to rub in spots after hours of wearing it or that it would be too bulky on my leg but neither proved true. This thing was a godsend for that event, it fit my phone, wallet, a flask ;) , protein bars, chapstick, and a few other small items. It never slipped or became uncomfortable. I was curious if it would even fit me because I'm pretty small and I've been disappointed before when ordering stuff but I was able to make it fit perfectly by wrapping the waist strep around twice, it really is VERY adjustable. Overall, I freaking love this bag haha. Totally worth the price. see more
  • By Bagsher shopper 2019-01-07
    Somewhat difficult to figure out how to wear it. The belt is excessively long and may require trimming. Style is just like pictured and seems to go with more outfits than you'd expect. Also not always super 'goth-rock' looking, can look classy with the right attire. Smelled terrible when opened, had to leave it outside for a few days to air out. Great if you have neck problems and carrying a purse or a clutch is just too much. see more