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Diaper Bags

A diaper bag or nappy bag is a storage bag with many pocket-like spaces that is big enough to carry everything needed by someone taking care of a baby while taking a typical short outing.

These bags are not always designed expressly as a diaper bag, as any well-pocketed bag sized in between a child's school backpack and adult pro-camping backpack can be used for the purpose. Some are now being made with rigid handles and wheels so that someone can cart one around, allowing that person to hold the baby more firmly, complete more tasks (like opening a door, paying a cashier, or using a phone), and reduce lower back pain. 

Diaper bags are generally small enough to fit on or under a stroller or buggy. There have been fashion trends against large bags, as mothers learn to reduce the number of necessities carried.

Bags and flexible containers: Carried,Worn,Luggage,Postal,Containers,Purses/Handbags ,Other (Body bag, Burn bag, Dry bag, Duluth pack, Feedbag, Gamow bag, Gunny sack,Sandbag, Schultüte, Sickness bag, Sleeping bag, String bag, Stuff sack)

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  • By guest 2019-03-20
    Wonderful backpack. The fabric is dense, stitched well, the threads do not stick out, everything is as needed. A lot of pockets and this is a plus. A4 format quietly climbs, and still the place remains. Check in the sock. Thank you seller see more
  • By guest 2019-03-18
    Good backpack, quality see more
  • By guest 2019-03-18
    The ryukaz is sent lightning fast, fully corresponds to the description, the color is exactly the same, the zippers open normally, the upper material is durable, the moisture resistance has not yet been tested, but judging by the thickness, the rain will exactly withstand. see more
  • By guest 2019-03-18
    Very, very cool backpack! Delivery is super fast. A bunch of pockets, everything is neat, bright! Recommend!!!! see more
  • By guest 2019-03-07
    Lots of pockets all over. Padded like a cooler. see more
  • By guest 2019-03-06
    The bag is very high quality, everyone is happy. Before mo was 3 weeks see more