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Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 Pro Case

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  • By Zebada 2019-03-30
    Really nice quality at this price, It'll be worth the money! see more
  • By guest 2019-03-21
    A good cover for your money. Pleasant to the touch. Looks stylish. see more
  • By guest 2019-03-20
    Great quality. Perfectly fits my phone. Super quick delivery. see more
  • By guest 2019-03-20
    The cover is good because a) magnetic b) interactive-i.e. When you close, the screen is locked, open-unlock. But this is also a minus, because. It's more convenient for me to listen to lectures from youtube A big minus-weakly closes the corners. But i took specially for maximum protection...-the previous screen came the end after hitting the angle of the screen on the concrete floor from a height of a meter. So while i use the same, this one will leave for the most extreme case... For comparison, blue-cover mofi, brown-some no name, but its sides are higher and protect better. see more
  • By guest 2019-03-20
    Good cover, liked. The sensor is triggered by the closure. 5 + see more
  • By guest 2019-03-19
    I order not the first cover, mi8 light, redmi 5 came up perfectly. On the fifth working screen lock when opening, closing, on 8 light does not work, the covers sat perfectly. Delivery in the area of two nelly, fast enough. The producer is sociable, i thank him. see more